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Cheese Sandwich

Cheese Sandwich is a very delicious snacks cuisine. It is usually or we can say mostly loved by all age groups. In this recipe of cheese sandwich i added a pinch of roasted turmeric also just to make it healthy as well. A tasty blast with healthy diet will be the best take to the …

recipes Snacks

Turmeric Noodle Soup

This Turmeric Soup with Noodles is the perfect remedy for a chilly night. Filled with fresh vegetables, lean protein and anti-inflammatory turmeric as a main ingredient, it’s the perfect meal to cozy up to.Turmeric used in Ayurveda to calm, sooth and basically aid the body in balancing and healing itself. Prep Time: 15 minutes Cook …

recipes Snacks

Seasoning Paneer Bites

Paneer is the best source of protein for vegetarians. It has a soft and crispy texture, also the soothing taste makes it a multipurpose ingredient. From rich vegetables to tongue allure starters and enchanting sweets, paneer is used to a variety of dishes. It is very healthy for us and can be reformed in many …